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We have been delivering dependable, affordable high-quality electrical services to the community for decades. 

We are licensed, professional electricians, and technicians that will get the job done to your complete satisfaction, 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do the installation, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs to any wiring jobs of all kinds.

Our electricians will make sure that all jobs will be done thoroughly and efficiently, and exceeds all appropriate electrical codes and industry standards.

Our electricians are trained professionals, highly skilled, and well-experienced that are fully bonded and licensed.

High Voltage Electrical


About Us

Electrical Hazard

Electrical Risks of injury or death arising from the exposure of faulty electricity. Electricity is essential to our daily lives, providing heat and light and powering appliances in homes and businesses. It must be treated with great care because the consequences of an electrical fault can be serious and sometimes deadly by electrocution.

Faulty appliances or equipment and poor electrical maintenance and installations may lead to fire which could potentially injure most people around it. According to the fire department, people are killed from home fires each year that are caused by electrical faults.

When in doubt of your current wirings, or need for preventive maintenance, or looking for help to fix your broken electricity line, do not hesitate to call High Voltage Electrical! We are happy to assist you with all your wirings and electricity dilemmas.

Professionals You Can Trust

When it comes to electrical works, your best option will be a help from a professional electrician. Even the well-experienced who handle the electricals by themselves also think twice before trying on their own. High Voltage Electrical can tackle a wide range of electrical jobs for your homes and businesses:

  • Lighting Installation
  • Electrical Rewiring Services
  • EV Charger Installation
  • Outlet Installation
  • Tesla Supercharger Installation
  • New Electrical Circuits Installation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • House Rewiring
  • GFI Electrical Outlets
  • Electric Panel Upgrades
  • Aluminum Wire Replacement

The electrical problems you can’t see is the real problem here. After all, you can’t see and notice what is going on behind your walls. You don’t realize there is already a problem that exists until it shows signs and you visibly, noticeably see these warnings. When you see these signs or you feel something is wrong with your electricals, don’t wait for the worse to happen. Call High Voltage Electrical immediately! 

Our professional electricians are knowledgeable with all applicable safety codes and standards of electrical wiring. When you hire us for electrical works, rest assured that our technicians will do precise and thorough work, attending to every detail of the problem. Our electricians will make sure the finished job meets and exceeds your expectations.

High Voltage Electrical is proud to deliver high-quality electrical services in the neighborhood. Your search for a dependable, expert, efficient, and trustworthy professional electrician in the country is all here with High Voltage Electrical!

High Voltage Electrical

We are dedicated to delivering high quality, ethical services, safe and with maximum value every time to our customers. So when you have been delaying electrical works around your homes or businesses because you don’t know who to call, contact High Voltage Electrical and we will be happy to assist all your faulty electricals.

Get In-Touch With Us Today!

Whether you need a simple light switch replacement or installation, or a complete electrical inspection, contact High Voltage Electrical! Our electricians have the skills of workmanship and look forward to helping you with getting the job done promptly at an affordable rate.

Contact us now for a FREE QUOTE! And let our professionals attend all your electrical works and services professionally. 

High Voltage Electrical


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