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Top Five (5) Causes of Faulty and Recurrent Tripping GFCI Outlets

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Before the power goes out in our houses, we are unaware of the importance of electrical outlets. You may have a dead outlet if only one of your home’s outlets isn’t functioning while the others appear to be functioning without issue. Not only is a dead outlet irritating, but it also poses a fire hazard. Getting in touch with a certified electrician to solve these issues is usually preferable. GFCI electrical outlets installation is one of the many business and electric services provided by High Voltage Electrical. If you’re having problems with GFCI outlets tripping, make a consultation appointment immediately. Our technicians are highly qualified, licensed, and equipped.

The installation of a GFCI or GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlet is required by national household electrical regulations if the room from which the electrical equipment draws its power is one where there is a chance of a short or an electric shock, such as in bathrooms or kitchens. It is annoying when you plug anything into an outlet, and it doesn’t function. Sometimes there is only a minor problem that a homeowner can take care of. In other circumstances, it might also indicate a more serious issue.

These are the top five causes of GFCI outlet that is tripping and not working:

  • Occurrence Of A Ground Fault

A ground fault occurs when the hot or live wire makes contact with the ground wire or the grounded section of an appliance. GFCIs typically work by recognizing when the current is traveling in an unauthorized direction (e.g., through water or a person). The moment the GFCI detects even the smallest current leakage, which can be as little as 0.005 amps, it trips.

  • Moisture in the Receptacle Box

Another significant factor in the buildup of moisture is GFCI tripping. The most vulnerable installations are outside, and rain is usually to blame. Due to Florida’s tropical climate, high humidity can also lead to moisture buildup and make it more difficult for any water caught in a trash can box to evaporate.

  • A Faulty Circuit

Circuit overload happens when an electric wire or circuit receives more amperage than it can handle. If you connect broken or faulty appliances, this could happen. Wires or connections that are loose or rusted may also be to blame. The GFCI outlet trips or “breaks” the circuit when it detects an overload.

  • Electrical Error

If your GFCI outlet trips frequently, there may be an electrical problem brought on by poor structural wiring. Even if it was not a component of your home’s original wiring, an electrical outlet linked to the same circuit could cause the issue. If there is an electrical issue, a qualified electrician is required to resolve it.

  • Defective GFCI Outlet

The outlet may be broken if you’ve done everything else and the GFCI outlet reset doesn’t work. GFCI outlets contain extremely responsive internal circuitry that may quickly identify any electrical system flaws. The delicate circuitry in the outlet eventually breaks down, rendering it useless. An electrician with the necessary training should fix or replace the outlet in this situation.

Quick Steps to Follow When Troubleshooting GFCI Outlet Issues

GFCI Outlet Installation and Repair Services | High Voltage Electrical

We all use power without ever noticing it, whether at home or work, which is how it should be. But occasionally, we encounter a problem, such as a light that won’t turn on or a laptop that won’t charge even if it’s plugged in. The GFCI outlet is frequently the source of the problem, and the most common solution is just to reset it. GFCIs are generally quite dependable; however, they can malfunction. Each of these outlets has a “test” and a “reset” button; however, occasionally, a GFCI outlet won’t reset, so you should follow these procedures.

  • Learn To Understand Why

If a GFCI outlet won’t reset, the most challenging thing to ascertain is whether the outlet or the circuit is at issue. It can be difficult to determine the cause of the outlet’s malfunction, which is why it is always advised to contact a certified electrician. It’s possible that only that specific outlet is broken, or more serious issues may be at play.

You may swiftly scan the space for any other tripped or malfunctioning devices.

  • Inspect Any Tripped Circuits

So, it’s time to head for the circuit breakers if other outlets stop working or lights won’t switch. These are located in the main electrical panel and, if present, the sub panel. The electrical panel is typically located close to where electricity enters the house. The circuit breakers are visible after the panel is opened. They are tripped if any of them are out of sequence. Check to see if the problem is resolved by resetting the tripped breaker. If so, but it keeps happening, there may be an overloading issue, which indicates the circuit is insufficiently powerful to handle everything hooked into it.

  • Evaluate The Extent Of The Problem

Another thing to consider is whether there may be a current leak if the GFCI frequently trips after resetting a breaker. You should hire an electrician because doing this can be highly dangerous.

  • Search Out Weak Connections

A GFCI outlet that won’t reset may also have bad wiring or connections. Using a wire connector, you can check for loose connections by pulling on each wire individually. If you discover one, it is advisable to contact an electrician rather than attempt to fix it yourself. The extent of the problem is difficult to estimate at this time.

  • Speak With An Electrician

As previously said, it’s essential to seek assistance if the problem is more complicated than a single malfunctioning GFCI outlet or a tripped circuit. Experienced do-it-yourselfers may not be able to handle the problem’s scope. Electrical work is also not a DIY endeavor because there is a lot of risk and hazard. Get in touch with a certified, skilled electrician to avoid potential property damage and personal injury.

Make sure the technician at the firm has the working knowledge and expertise to properly assist you in this area when you choose an electrical company to renovate your home, and you have decided to take your renovation to the level where you need an electrical upgrade.

When you need an expert electrician to help you with your faulty GFCI outlets and other electrical devices, don’t hesitate to hire High Voltage Electrical for fast and exceptional repair service. Call or fill out the contact form now.

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