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High Voltage Electrical
High Voltage Electrical

Why Us

We have been delivering dependable, affordable high-quality electrical services to the community for decades. 

We are licensed, professional electricians, and technicians that will get the job done to your complete satisfaction, 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do the installation, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs to any wiring jobs of all kinds.

Our electricians will make sure that all jobs will be done thoroughly and efficiently, and exceeds all appropriate electrical codes and industry standards.

Our electricians are trained professionals, highly skilled, and well-experienced that are fully bonded and licensed.

High Voltage Electrical


About Us

Quality Electrical Services in Arlington Heights

High Voltage Electrical is a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor company serving Arlington Heights, Illinois. We take pride in completing our electrical projects in a professional, energy-efficient, and prompt way. We have developed a reputation for being one of the most trustworthy, fair, and honest electrical service companies in the area. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our quality of workmanship on our every project no matter how large or small it is.

Our electrical services range from simple electrical outlet replacement to provide electrical installations for homeowners planning an addition wiring to their homes. High Voltage Electrical in Arlington Heights is licensed and insured and offers affordable pricing as well as 24-hour emergency services, 7 days a week. An electrical upgrade can help you get the most out of your home’s electrical systems. It can help increase the safety and security of your home, and help save you money and energy costs.

Have Our Pros Now!

Whether you want to upgrade your electricals or simply want to ensure your home’s fuses, wiring, and breakers are safely and efficiently providing your home’s energy needs, High Voltage Electrical is happy to provide you quality service with 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

We also offer annual electrical inspection or maintenance, repair services, and free quotes for your upgrade, installation, and any repair projects you will need.

Contact our friendly customer service representatives now to answer any questions you might have or to schedule for electrical work.

Call High Voltage Electrical now!

High Voltage Electrical
High Voltage Electrical


Serving the entire Arlington Heights, CA area, including:

Los Angeles, Mid City, Harvard Heights, Jefferson Park

We provide the best repair service in Arlington Heights, CA ZIP code areas:


We service every street and neighborhood in Arlington Heights, CA:

165th St E, 165th St W, 166th St, 170th St E, 172nd St E, 180th St E, 180th St W, 195th St E, 200th St E, 201nd St E, 205th St E, 210th St E, 231st St, 260th St E, 3 Points Rd, 405 S Onramp, 40th St E, Abilene Way, Agoura Rd, Alaga Ave, Alamo Ave, Alburtis Ave, Albury Ave, Allgeyer Ave, Alta Pasa Dr, Amar Rd, Andreo Ave, Angeles Crest Hwy, Antelope Valley Fwy, Arcadia Ave, Ardath Ave

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