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Electric Panels are an extremely important piece of equipment that controls the electricity coming into a home.

According to the fire department, the most fire that occurs on homes is caused by electrical malfunctions. Many of these electrical failures are preventable if only homeowners replaced their outdated and old electrical components.

Signs That Tells You Might Need an Electric Panel Upgrade

You can prevent your house from fire by getting an electrical panel upgrade. The following are the warnings that might say you already need a panel upgrade: If the house is 30 years old or above that you are currently living or transferred recently and had an outdated electrical panel. If the previous owner had not replaced it, then it is the time that you should. Your circuit breakers often trip when it overloads. It is a solid sign you need an upgrade. It means that your panel can no longer handle the electricity requirements. Your lights keep flickering or usually turn on and off whenever you run your air conditioner or any high-wattage appliances. This means your electrical panel is already beyond its capacity. When the electrical panel gets warmer and sometimes emits a burning smell. It can indicate severe overloading. These signs also mean a failed circuit breaker or there is a disconnected wire. These trigger a house fire. Planning to get a new appliance. Your panel may no longer be enough if you add more appliances. If getting more appliances, it is recommendable to upgrade your electric panel.

Prevent Inconveniences and Fires with an Electrical Panel Upgrade

An electrical panel upgrade is more than just for convenience, but it is also for your family’s safety. A failed panel can create a small flame, and in just seconds it can turn into a huge fire.

Don’t take the risk, and have your electrical panel upgrades as soon as possible with High Voltage Electrical! We will keep your home safer against electrical fires.

Call us now! We can get your old and broken electrical panel upgrade right away

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