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High Voltage Electrical
High Voltage Electrical

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Lightning-fast response times

We’re quick to respond to your questions and concerns. Our team is here to help you in your time of need

Safety is our #1 priority

We don’t underestimate the importance of the safety of you and your family. We’re committed to doing the work the right way the first time so you can relax.

Fully trained technicians

Our expert techs are trained and experienced professionals that follow all of our safety rules and protocols on every job.

High Voltage Electrical


ORANGE COUNTY Electrical Services

Electrical You Can Count On in Orange County

High Voltage Electrical provides security, safe, reliable, and professional repair for your electrical miseries in Orange County. Our highly trained electricians are always available for you whenever you need help with your residential electrical needs and wiring projects. Whether it was a faulty light switch, we will be there for you. They are dedicated to providing the best-quality electrical services to our customers. They have many areas of training and certifications available to assist them in mastering their expertise.

High Voltage Electrical offers quality electrical services such as lighting installation, electrical rewiring services, EV charger installation, outlet installation, Tesla supercharger installation, new electrical circuits installation, landscape lighting, house rewiring, GFI electrical outlets installation, electric panel upgrades, and aluminum wire replacement.

We will maintain your electricity cables and line across Orange County, and make sure your lights always stay on. We are the right people to contact when:

  • There’s a power cut inside your home that you don’t know where to look up to
  • If you need a new power supply to your homes or businesses 
  • Needs to make changes to your existing power supply
  • If you need maintenance

Whenever you need installation, management, and maintenance of facility lighting, electrical, and sign systems to achieve significant energy cost savings and more efficient facility operations, call High Voltage Electrical! 

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High Voltage Electrical
High Voltage Electrical


High Voltage Electrical
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