Outdated Aluminum Wiring

One problem that most electricians are familiar with in old homes is aluminum wirings. During the 70s, aluminum was widely used for electrical wiring in homes as it was cheaper than copper. It was during the mid-80s where it was decided to use copper wires instead of aluminum since it was a better conductor of electricity than aluminum and didn’t pose a fire hazard in one’s home. So, for safety reasons, it is essential that you have your outdated aluminum wires replaced.

High Voltage Electrical does a complete rewiring of your outdated aluminum wirings as well as aluminum-to-copper retrofits. One major concern is that this type of wiring has been associated with house fires. Of course, the other problem is that the initial installation may not have been handled with the skill and precision required, especially since installation for this wiring was not a well-known procedure.

When you need an expert for aluminum wiring replacement, let High Voltage Electrical take care of the job for you. We look forward to helping you make your home safe and hazard-free. But we cannot get started until you take that first step of giving us a call. Schedule your replacement today and bring your outdated wiring to the modern age.

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