Here at High Voltage Electrical, we specialize in outdoor lighting, Patio lighting, deck lighting, driveway lighting, and landscape lighting. We have a professional team of outdoor lighting electricians and installers ready to handle all of your lighting needs. We offer both residential and commercial lighting solutions.

What you can expect in our lighting installation experts:
Expert Outdoor Lighting Design.
We offer daytime and evening design and make sure you see how beautiful your property will look, with our brilliant lighting techniques.
LED fixtures. We use warm white LEDs and brass copper materials that are designed to sustain the life of the LED.
Lighting Control Automation. We do automation of your LED systems that have a remote timing system that will address all of your lighting needs now and for the future.
Highest Quality Products. We use only the top quality fixtures made for long term performance, corrosion resistance, and product warranty.
Expert Installation. Our electricians are meticulous and guarantee flawless work.
Walkway & Path Lighting. Lighten pathways to create an inviting outdoor atmosphere.
Outdoor Flood Lights & Spotlights. Highlight key areas in your landscape to create a perfect and inviting view.
Deck Lighting. It creates the perfect mood when entertaining outdoors.

All of the landscape lighting installation you need right here at High Voltage Electrical, a preferred lighting supplier. Schedule an appointment today!

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