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We have been delivering dependable, affordable high-quality electrical services to the community for decades. 

We are licensed, professional electricians, and technicians that will get the job done to your complete satisfaction, 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do the installation, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs to any wiring jobs of all kinds.

Our electricians will make sure that all jobs will be done thoroughly and efficiently, and exceeds all appropriate electrical codes and industry standards.

Our electricians are trained professionals, highly skilled, and well-experienced that are fully bonded and licensed.

High Voltage Electrical


About Us

The Best Electrical Service Provider in Santa Monica

Electricity helps operate everyone’s home, from heating, lighting, and cooling homes to powering televisions, computers, and various appliances. It’s important to our everyday lives. However, we cannot deny the fact that it can also lead you into trouble. Proper maintenance of your circuit breakers, electricals, and lightings is the best way to avoid any hazardous situations. 

Fixing electrical malfunction is not easy. For safety reasons, you should hire a professional and well-equipped electrician to perform a home electrical repair service. Why? Because if you mishandle your electricals, it could greatly result in serious accidents. If you require electrical services, don’t hesitate to contact High Voltage Electrical. Our licensed electricians can help you to get through with it quickly. You don’t have to worry because our experts will work with your electricals with extreme caution and proper guidelines, and will give you some tips on how to take good care of your electricals.  

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For all your electrical needs, you can count on High Voltage Electrical in Santa Monica. To schedule a home electrical repair service, don’t hesitate to contact us. Expect us to send you our licensed and well-trained electrician right off the bat. 

High Voltage Electrical


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