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High Voltage Electrical
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We have been delivering dependable, affordable high-quality electrical services to the community for decades. 

We are licensed, professional electricians, and technicians that will get the job done to your complete satisfaction, 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do the installation, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs to any wiring jobs of all kinds.

Our electricians will make sure that all jobs will be done thoroughly and efficiently, and exceeds all appropriate electrical codes and industry standards.

Our electricians are trained professionals, highly skilled, and well-experienced that are fully bonded and licensed.

High Voltage Electrical


Santa Ana Electrical Services

Get Expert Repair Service in Santa Ana 

Electricity is the most essential part of our households. We use it to illuminate, cool, heat our homes. It makes all other amenities in the household function. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care and provide proper maintenance to anything related to electricity. With High Voltage Electrical, we’ll take care of all your electrical repairs and maintenance needs. You can keep your family safe by ensuring that all your electricals and equipment are in perfect condition. If you find any issues in your electricals, have it checked right away before it causes any major accidents. Here in Santa Ana, you can rely on High Voltage Electrical for fast and efficient electrical repairs, maintenance, wirings, and installations.

Electrical issues can happen at any moment, so if you encounter any unexpected problems with your appliances, contact High Voltage Electrical. Our services are available 24/7 to help you with all the problems with your electricals. No one wants to have a blackout in their homes right in the middle of the night. So give us a quick call and our skilled electrician will be right over as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment today and we will brighten your Santa Ana home.

High Voltage Electrical
High Voltage Electrical


High Voltage Electrical
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